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2020 eDiscovery Buyers Guide

Last year’s eDiscovery Buyers Guide had a profound impact on the practice of hundreds of attorneys – for the first time they had access to a functional guide to help make sense of the myriad choices in eDiscovery tools and services on the market. Lawyers in small and midsize firms finally had a practical resource to help
them overcome their eDiscovery challenges.

We had two primary goals in creating the first eDiscovery Buyers Guide:

  1. First, we wanted to provide a literal “Buyers Guide” so that lawyers could avoid the manual and inefficient processes that typically plague litigation matters today.
  2. Second, you could refer to the eDiscovery Buyers Guide to learn about products that might be helpful to your clients, or gain a better idea of the products being used by opposing counsel.

We’ve designed this 2020 eDiscovery Buyers Guide to be your indispensable companion for choosing and implementing the necessary tools you need for your eDiscovery tasks and litigation technologies.

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